Support the families of fallen officers in Los Angeles.

Since its inception, the Memorial Foundation has provided thousands of grants and funding totaling more than 18 million dollars. The Memorial Foundation is honored to have supported Los Angeles police officers and their immediate family members who experience catastrophic circumstances including death, illness, and serious injury.

These grants include funding for line-of-duty death funeral services. Additionally, for a line-of-duty death, funding for college education of dependent children is provided if applicable.

The Memorial Foundation also provides aid for funeral expenses for sworn and civilian employees, and their immediate family members, if the sworn or civilian Department employee dies while actively employed by the Los Angeles Police Department.

For Department employees who have been on off-duty status for extended periods due to serious injuries and health related issues, the Memorial Foundation provides grants designed to include financial assistance for quality-of-life essentials for those who qualify.

The Memorial Foundation is not taxpayer driven. Funding is obtained from fundraising events, Department employee charitable payroll contributions, and donations received throughout the year from community and corporate supporters.

Join us in assisting those who do so much to protect our communities.

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