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The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation provides grants for widows and orphans of officers killed in the line of duty, and for many other catastrophic occurances within the LAPD family.
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It's not a matter of "If"… it's a matter of when.

"Officer down, Officer needs help" are words that can change lives forever...words that remain ever present and irremovable in the minds and hearts of the police family.

The Ultimate Sacrifice Death is the ultimate sacrifice, and inevitable for far too many officers who patrol and protect a large and complex city metropolis. But there are many other circumstances encountered daily and unavoidably in the routine life of a police officer -- encounters that end up seriously injuring our officers -- encounters that oftentimes permanently disable them from ever working again.

The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation was integrated into the Los Angeles Police Department as a means to provide financial assistance to families of police officers who were killed in the line of duty. And because of the generous support of the Los Angeles community, the Memorial Foundation has been able to extend benefits far beyond its' original purpose.

Since its' inception, the Memorial Foundation has provided more than $8 million in financial grants. The funding made possible by donations has helped restore stability to many bereaved and stricken police families. More importantly, perhaps, the Memorial Foundation has brought a measure of peace of mind to our 9,000 officers, knowing that as they protect, they too are being protected.

We are profoundly grateful to all of our donors...

Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
Scholarship Grant Contest

Three $10,000 Awards!

Who Is Eligible?
Any high school senior who is the child of a current, full-time LAPD Officer, (who has complete probation-no reserves or retired), and has been accepted or has applied at an accredited colleger or university.

These are merit-based awards to students who have demonstrated:

Excellence in academic studies
Good character and high moral standards
Extra-curricular accomplishments

Call The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation for
more information and/or applications.

(213) 847-4239 or (323) 276-5970

March 13th, 2015

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