We Take Care Of Our Own

The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation provides grants to Los Angeles Police Department employees, and their families, who experience financial challenges due to death, injury, or serious illness.

The inherent danger of law enforcement often leads to police officers being injured in the performance of their duties. Sadly, line of duty deaths are also a reality of police work. During these occurrences the Memorial Foundation provides financial assistance not available by other means.



Other catastrophic events where the Memorial Foundation may provide financial assistance include:

Funding for funeral expenses incurred when a death of a spouse or dependent child/children of sworn and civilian personnel occurs.

Funding for college expenses for dependent children of officer killed in the line of duty.



The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation is a proud supporter of advanced education. Eligible applicants may participate in the Merit-Based College Scholarship program for an opportunity to win one of several available scholarships.

Merit-Based College Scholarship Contest

In 1999, the Memorial Foundation established a Merit-Based College Scholarship contest for the college bound dependents of Department employees who are graduating high school and going on to college. The principal criterion in this contest is academic performance, but we also consider extra-curricular achievement and seek to identify students with great potential for continued success. Since inception, over $1,500,000 has been grant to these talented young people. These are the only grants not based on unforeseen catastrophic circumstances.
Applications will be accepted beginning January 1, annually.

Scholarship Eligibility information:

Any high school senior who is the child of a current, full-time LAPD Officer, (who has complete probation-no reserves or retired), and has been accepted or has applied at an accredited college or university.
These are merit-based awards to students who have demonstrated:

• Excellence in academic studies
• Good character and high moral standards
• Extra-curricular accomplishments


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Survivor College Scholarships

A primary goal of the Memorial Foundation has always been to provide financial assistance to the surviving dependents of officers killed in the line of duty and to the dependents of officers who have died while on active duty though not in the line of duty.

Currently, there are 45 minor dependents of these officers either in college or who will be eligible for college in the coming years. The Memorial Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to these young adults to ensure they will be afforded an opportunity to pursue a college education.


The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation provides funding to spouses and dependent children when Department employees sustain catastrophic injuries, illness or death. Please contact the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation to learn more.

Contact The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation for more information on Scholarships and Grants.
Call (213) 847-4239 or (323) 276-5970